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Can We Be Happier?

About Happiness  


Happiness is mostly a subjective feeling. It is a mental or emotional state of well-being, defined by positive or pleasant emotions.


In the book “The how of Happiness”, the author – Sonja Lyubomirsky concludes that one’s happiness level is about 50% determined by genetics (the happiness “set point”), based on a research on twins.


Then, only 10% is affected by life circumstances and situation.

The remaining 40% is determined by habits, behaviors and thought patterns that we can directly address with intentional action – this part is determined by us, by our mind and mental attitude – how do we “decide”  consciously, or sub-consciously, to see ourselves happy or less happy, or miserable.

HQ; Happiness Quotient, similarly to IQ and EQ, is a scale to measure one’s potential to feel happy.


Why is it important to measure the potential of being happy?!


Because we can learn from any feedback, and we are affected by any question which turns our attention to aspects of life, which we usually take for granted.


The list of parameters influencing our HQ and their relevant “weights” was built based on a pilot research, but the website is based on a self-learning algorithm, taking into account the replies to the questionnaire.  


There is lack of standards to evaluate happiness. In some cultures it’s common to see wealth as a measure of success in life and maybe even happiness. But it has been clearly shown in several studies, that beyond some satisfying level, wealth is not bringing more happiness. HQ will put us on a “scale”, comparing to others.


Comparing to others is a natural and instinctive, as we are very social beings. We compare ourselves to classmates in school, in the collage, in work space, how many friends do we have on Facebook and actually in almost everything.


So why not to compare ourselves to others in happiness?!

There are already more than seven billion people on our planet. Since you decided to enter this website, it says something about your awareness. This means also that you can read and have an Internet access. This locates you automatically in the top 10% of the world population, in many aspects of life.


But not necessary in the top 10% on the scale of how happy you are.


Filling the HQ questionnaire, will not only provide you the score of your happiness potential, but also will bring to your attention some of the important aspects of life, relevant for being happy.

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